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Upgrade Your Fire Retardant Foam Solution

Solid Foam Stick Manifold

INTRODUCING the patented solid foam stick manifold. A REVOLUTION FOR PORTABLE PUMPS & FOAM!

The new Solid Foam Stick Manifold by Armour Fire Solutions provides an innovative way to deliver foam so you can be more efficient at fighting fire!

Our manifold is 100% reliable and guaranteed to work every single time. There is no mechanical or electronic equipment to plug up or break down.

  • Installation is SIMPLE AND INEXPENSIVE. It can replace any standard discharge manifold and is compatible with any portable pump on the market.
  • When properly installed there is NO POSSIBILITY of water tank contamination with foam, one of the most common problems on portable pump’s with foam systems.
  • There is NO MAINTENANCE besides removing any unused portion of the solid stick from the unit when done with use.
  • There is NO PRODUCT WASTE. The stick is removed from the manifold and placed in storage to be used again when needed.
  • Solid stick technology is MORE AFFORDABLE and cost efficient when compared to liquid foam.
  • Finally, the mess, weight, high cost, and required storage area of liquid foam can be ELIMINATED from your operation.

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